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Michael was rather stunned when he noticed that a thing Monthly bill Birnes stated to him truly turned real. Was it intuition on Invoice’s aspect, did he know something Michael didn’t, or ended up they just conclusions from his a long time of experience in the UFO field? I don’t know, but if I needed to pick one, I’d pick the latter. This really is what took place:

Toltecs, from the sacred very well at Chichen Itza, threw forty virgin women as sacrifices, in addition to gold, silver and copper ornaments designed from metals refined from ores Mesoamerica lacked. Art about the ornaments showed bearded Sumerian sorts, and also Sky Gods [Nibirans].

The Anunnaki loosed plagues, nuclear bombs together with other weapons of mass killing on us. They pressured mutually unintelligible languages and scripts upon us and withheld knowledge.

A calamitous storm will sweep, the destruction of Mankind It'll be. This can be the decision in the assembly by Enlil convened.

for Adapa’s smartest descendants. The Brotherhood gave them advanced scientific knowledge along with the truth of the matter that Earthlings are adapted Nibirans Which Nibirans weren’t gods. [

“Winding actions direct from the northern edge of your Sacred Plaza up a hill whose leading was flattened to serve as a platform for that Intihuatana, a stone Reduce with precision to evaluate the actions of your Sunshine, decide the solstices and make the Sunshine return, lest it return the Earth to darkness that happened before.”

“All existence on this planet, from birds to fishes, flora to algae, and right down to micro organism and viruses–all have the very same DNA, the 4 nucleic acid letters from which all genes and genomes are made. The DNA in the Anunnaki was the same as the DNA of all life on Nibiru. The DNA on the planet plus the DNA on Nibiru had been precisely the same.” Our genome–a lot less than 30,000 genes–retains 223 genes without evolutionary predecessors. These 223 genes, absent in vertebrae evolution, regulate the human body and intellect. The idea of panspermia, that Earth was “seeded from somewhere else,” was incised in clay tablets millennia back.

Baalbek provided “stone useful source blocks of extraordinary dimension, specifically Minimize and put, which includes three colossal stone blocks that happen to be the biggest during the world, the Trilthon. The stone blocks that make up the Trilithon weigh much more than 1,one hundred tons Each individual and are positioned on more mature huge stone blocks, over sixty ft very long with sides of fourteen to twelve toes, Slice to possess a slanting confront that weigh 500 tons Each individual.

Amenemhet III ascended Egypt’s throne of Egypt and sent for Joseph to interpret a desire that 7 skinny cows ate seven Extra fat cows and 7 scorched ears of grain ate seven wholesome kinds. “Your desires show Egypt’ll have 7 many years of good harvest, then 7 of famine,

Then, at Enki’s area in Iraq—Eridu-Basara—Ningishzidda secretly produced Adamu and Ti-Amat breedable. “Enki, Ninmah and Ningishzidda weren't pleased right up until they came up that has a human few who may be a match for their own personal minds and lifestyle—who showed the exact same psychological, emotional, and creative potentials and skills to discover and master scientific facts and technologies they themselves had.

Enki made Enkidu, an android, to tame Gilgamesh and sent the tantric practitioner Shamhat to tame him. Gilgamesh and Enkidu fought, then grew to become best good friends. Gilgamesh went with Enkidu towards the rocketpad at Baalbek to plead with the gods for the rocket to Nibiru for immortality he assumed they liked.

Monks encouraged blood sacrifice, ostensibly to deliver back the gods, but then to builders arms croydon execute prisoners More about the author and control people today. Kings and Monks held blood sacrifice–at first These of rulers, then of enemy rulers, then any individual they desired to manage.

The tallest pyramid reported rises three hundred metres high. Its sides evaluate 500 metres long –two times greater than and 20 situations the quantity of the Great Pyramid at Giza.

He in all probability utilised technological know-how Dunn proved in Egypt’s Giza Pyramids. Angkor generated electricity as A part of a world-broad grid Anunnaki pyramidal ability stations and monoliths that accessed and augmented ability for aircraft, conversation, lighting and computing.

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